Mark your calendar for the 50th Anniversary Jubilee & Community Celebration

With more than 20 local organizations celebrating . . .

Public officials and elected representatives and Palisades community leaders from almost every local organizations will be present for a wonderful day pf community and a celebration of the volunteer spirit that helps make the Palisades wonderful.

There will be booths, music, food, presentations, balloons and crafts for kids, awards, speeches, recognition and even a grant made to our host location!

Join us for this historic day . . . not to be missed!

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Agenda for September 28th meeting

Draft Minutes of September 14th meeting, for review and approval on 9/28

Link to the meeting (begins at 6pm):

Join Zoom Meeting

Join Zoom Meeting 

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Maryam Zar
PPCC President

See all our recent meeting Agendi and Minutes, here.  All Minutes from 2001 to the present can also be found by clicking on the Documents/Minutes of Previous Meetings tab, above.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 28th — meeting to be held via Zoom!

Best, Maryam Zar
PPCC President

Please see recent meeting recaps here and at Recaps & News


See the recording of Councilwoman Traci Park at PPCC



On behalf of the community and the Community Council, I wish to thank the Awards Selection Committee — Co Chairs: Nancy and Kevin Niles, members: Daphne Gronich, Barbara Kohn, Andy Frew — for their deliberation and their exceptional slate of honorees who were celebrated this year at our annual Holiday Awards Gala, on December 8th!

The board of the Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) congratulates our community recognition awards recipients this year.  We are proud to be able to recognize, honor and thank so many wonderful people in the community year after year, who lend their time and talent so freely to the betterment of this wonderful community.  We are lucky to have such remarkable honorees receiving the Citizen of the Year, the Golden Sparkplug and the Pride of the Palisades awards.

The Holiday Dinner & Gala event was a lovely evening celebrating community. We recognized Michael Lanning as Citizen of the Year, James Cragg, Tracey Price, Cindy Simon and Hazel Tate as Golden Sparkplug honorees, and The Pacific Palisades Historical Society Centennial Celebration Committee as Pride of the Palisades. See some photographs and join us next year!
Happy Holidays to all!
Best, Maryam Zar
PPCC President

See the Potrero Canyon Community meeting Video

See The George Wolfberg Park at Potrero Canyon Signs here: INTERPRETIVE SIGNS


December 1 community meeting record
November 10 meeting recap
October 27th meeting recap
October 13th meeting recap.

Our next public board meeting will be on January 12th by ZOOM. Meeting start time: 6pm


At our 10/27 meeting, we heard from Lindsay Horvath and Bob Hertzberg, candidates for LA County Supervisor, District 3. See the Meet & Greet here:


We also heard from Gene Oh, the founder of Tranzito Vector, the company that has been contracted by the City of LA rebuild transit bus shelters across the city. The board was not impressed with the design of the new bus shelters but are still discovering how many will be placed in Pacific Palisades and what specs can be adjusted for our community. We have been given assurances that digital advertising will not be posted on the shelters in our community, and that any electronic component will be for information purposes only (such as route timings and bus information). Look for more information as we receive it.

We had an extended conversation with SLO Brian Espin about the state of Palisades crime, and with Commander Tom joining us next month at our November 10th meeting, we will agendas a longer conversation of strategy with LAPD, to keep the community safe.

SLO Espin shared the following CRIME UPDATE and CRIME MAP with the community.

Here is the Meeting Recap


At our September 22, 2022, we heard from Traci Park and Erin Darling, the two candidates for LA City Council for District 11, See the recording here.


At the regularly scheduled 10/13 meeting, we approved these minutes.

And amended the bylaws in the following ways:

  • Added a Parliamentarian as a non-voting advisor, who may be appointed by the Chair with the consent of the Board. The same person may serve as Parliamentarian and Legal Advisor or may be two different people. (Bylaws, Art. V.1.D. and E.)
  • Split the office of Secretary into a Recording Secretary (a voting officer, on the Executive Committee) and a Corresponding Secretary (a non-voting Board Member, appointed by the Executive Committee with the consent of the Board – not an officer and not on the Executive Committee) (Article VI, Sec. 3. A., B., and C., and in other miscellaneous places). The purpose is to lighten the load of the Secretary, by having the Recording Secretary do the internal work of the organization, and the Corresponding Secretary do the outward communications work and media messaging.
  • Clarified that the term of all PPCC officers is for one year (Article VII, Sec. 4.C.).
  • Lifted the requirement that meetings be in-person, allowing the Board to decide between in-person and alternate remote means, and eliminating the determination of exigent circumstances in order to meet by Zoom (Art. VII, Sec. 5; Art. IX, Sec. 1).
  • Made a change to the organizational line-up in Appendix A, adding Resilient Palisades to the Environment category, to be shared with Temescal Canyon Association and moving the American Legion from the Service Club category to the Civic Organization category to share a seat with The Civic League.

Our next meeting will be on October 13th, with installation of a new board, a report from PPTFH on the results of the latest Point in Time Homeless Count, and a meet and greet with State Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (AD44) and Lori Mills who is a candidate for AD42, our new Assembly District that has a runoff election coming up between Jacqui Irwin (D) and Lori Mills (R). 

Please mark your calendars and join us!

Maryam Zar
PPCC President

The Next PPCC Zoom Meeting will be held on October 13th, 2022, via Zoom.

See the Agenda for 10/23 meeting here

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Public Safety
Extensive materials on public safety and disaster readiness, compiled by PPCC, can be found HERE.

Watering Restrictions
Click HERE for information from LADWP on the new watering restrictions.

PPCC meetings (all meetings via Zoom at 6pm until further notice):

Note:  There will be one meeting in November and December: November 10th & December 8th (Holiday & Awards Gala).
We look forward to seeing you then!